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How to Create Sustainable Growth in your Business

Our three-step process for success...

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Find and Focus

We make a thorough assessment of all aspects of your business. We won’t shy away from asking the difficult questions as we look for evidence of best practice, opportunities, and threats. This will help us define the status quo and set goals, these facilitate the creation of a plan built on the foundations of a strong vision.



All companies need three fundamental things – Customers, Cash and Capability. Getting the company onto a stable footing is the foundation of our work and it is in this stage that we focus on the fundamentals to improve cash flow and predictability. This can take many forms from sales to investment, restructuring, to a focus on customer satisfaction.  



Once the fundamentals are in place, together we re-evaluate and start to drive towards the vision that we’ve planned for. Whether that means a profitable future though growth, or simply maintaining predictable turnover, developing innovative products, or improving performance, we give you a road map to follow to keep your business on track.


Our three-step process provides the solid foundation on which your business can move forward. 


Rebecca’s motivation, intelligence and perseverance for helping her clients is unrivalled. It is without doubt that we could not of achieved our business goals without her passion and support. Her positive contribution and impact cannot be understated.

Dean Graves 

Managing Director

Big Box Productions

Facilitate Business Reviews

Enabling your leadership team to step back and review your business in a structured and effective way (half day and full day programmes are available)

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We facilitate the company to design, write, develop, and embed business management systems to the ISO 9001:2015 standard

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We undertake an internal audit and provide recommendations for improvement to meet an identified standard

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Support in the development of funding strategies, identify and apply for opportunities including applying for and drawing down grant funding, tax incentives (R&D, Patent Box, Land remediation, EIS and SEIS) and other investments

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Provide targeted training or mentoring for specific activities, new processes, or strategy implementation

Who We Are:

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Strategist and Consultant 



Administrator and IT Support



Marketing and Business Support




We have a range of very effective and highly skilled associate organisations and individuals who can support our clients with specific areas of expertise including HR, IT, Sales and team development.

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